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While creating Time-Assistant, we did our best to make it as flexible and customizable as possible so it could satisfy all sorts of user needs. However, business requirements of certain companies are so unique that they simply can't be met by some standard software. This kind of features are not included in the standard Time-Assistant package, so in order to help you customers find an optimal and exclusive solution for your business, we recommend you consider ordering a uniquely personalized copy of the product to help you better pursue your business objectives.

If you decide to customize an existing T-A version, you will pay much less compared to as if purchasing an expensive feature-packed non-customizable time tracking application. Besides, your exclusive solution will surely prove to be much more efficient thanks to the intuitive interface as well as nothing but the necessary features implemented.

You can opt for a preferred database support, even if it is an alternative to the commonly used MySQL and Oracle. Following your request, we can adjust the application to work with MS SQL, MS Access, Postgress, Sybase, etc.

Also available is a provision of custom authentication via your corporate LDAP network (if not satisfied with the one existing).

Last but not least, you can also consider ordering personalized reports to be perfectly adapted to your business. This service will rather be a minor change than a customization if the database structure stays put, and is going to cost you just $99 per modified report. Waste no time and send your request for proposal now to , or just fill and submit the form below.

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