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Online Demo

To get to know the Time-Assistant features better, you can log in the demo mode:

User Category Time-Assistant Enterprise 6.3 Time-Assistant Standard 6.3 Time-Assistant Light 4.1
Administrator Tomas Costa Tomas Costa Tomas Costa
Manager Jacques Lafleur    
Employee Bent Larsen Bent Larsen Bent Larsen
Employee Wayne Bridge Wayne Bridge Wayne Bridge
Employee Fernando Torres Fernando Torres Fernando Torres

PLEASE NOTE: Make sure you do not open the demo for multiple users in more than one browser window simultaneously! It is only the last one opened that will is correct!

The above Employees have used the demo to maintain their timesheets during the period of  May 1 - 6, 2011, so you can view their Timetrack and generate related reports just for this time interval. And, it is just the view-only mode which is available - the Add/Edit features are disabled.

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