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Time-Assistant is a fully functional daily time tracking solution for your business that is free to try. Here is a description for each of the three versions of our timesheet software.

Brief Overview

Time-Assistant Light - the simplest and the most compact of the application versions. May be used by companies that require nothing more than to track total working time of their staff members.

Time-Assistant Standard - the typical Time-Assistant version. It is capable of tracking not just total working time, but also time spent on particular tasks, projects and work-types. Besides Time-Assistant Standard can generate quality precision reports on time and money spent while doing a task or a project.

Time-Assistant Enterprise - the most complex and feature-packed version. Time-Assistant Enterprise has got more user categories, allowing users to approve upon each other's reports, and supports a few extra features like database export to QuickBooks, division of projects into tasks, expenses, etc.

In addition, all three versions offer means intended to facilitate user management quite considerably. They are Status Center and TimeTrack.

For more details regarding the application functionality, please download the Time-Assistant User Manual or look through the online documentation.

Product MS Word PDF Online Help
Time-Assistant Enterprise 6.3 Download Download Open
Time-Assistant Standard 6.3 Download Download Open
Time-Assistant Light 4.1 Download   Open

While working with Time-Assistant, please report all encountered problems, ask questions or raise issues coming up - all sorts of feedbacks are most welcome. Contact us at  .

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