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Intranet version of Time-Assistant - commercial software designed to operate within your company's network. It's a really professional time tracking solution for you.

Time-Assistant.com is web based timesheet software with time track and payroll automation.

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About Time-Assistant

Time-Assistant is professional timesheet software for your business.

It is a daily time tracking solution designed to reduce the drudgery of recording, analyzing and reporting associated with everyday working routine.

With Time-Assistant you can easily manage employee timesheets and expenses, calculate salaries, prepare project estimates, get invoices based on personal or client work rates.

Time-Assistant may be used by:

  • employees, who need to carefully track their time spent on certain tasks, projects and work types;
  • department/project leaders who need to have a tracking tool and accurate and well-timed reports on the time and money spent while doing different tasks and projects;
  • managers, who require structured information to optimize staff management, increase productivity and cope with rates/salaries;
  • consultants, IT specialists, accountants, lawyers, etc, who need a convenient and reliable tool for time-based billing.

Time-Assistant is accessed using a browser and requires no client installation. It includes all the standard timesheet and hourly rate entry functions, project tracking abilities as well as automatic salary calculation and comprehensive time & cost reporting.

Filling timesheets has also become available for PDA owners. To enjoy this brand-new add-on, just install the Time-Assistant Win CE or Palm Client application on your PDA to be able to enter your time records from wherever you are, so to eventually download the information entered to the Time-Assistant server.

Among other advanced features, Time-Assistant includes calculation of expenses and multilanguage support (English, French, German). To view the complete list of product features along with the package brief overview, please check out the Documentation, Features Available and Improvements pages.

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